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槟城景点 : Penang War Museum 槟城战争博物馆


牛油食谱 : 一口气做了三种~

这三种牛油食谱 都是从我的Instagram 搬过来的。和小天一共制做的3个亲子短视频。在这个Covid 期间,我们的亲子活动突然变多了。


金沙蛋黄日本豆腐  Butter Salted Egg Cereals Tofu!

Sharing with you the simple recipe - Butter Salted Egg Cereals Tofu! I learnt this from my bosom friend. This is super quick and super satisfying Asian Stir-Fry. 😍

The fresh aroma of the Achor Salted Butter is perfect match with salted egg yolk and cereal. Look at the video the butter is rich and creamy in texture too. 🧈😋💯 Ingredients
➊ Anchor salted Butter : Get it here 👉 https://shp.ee/sarhc7v ➋ Salted Egg ➌ Japanese Tofu ➍ Cereal ➎ Curry Leaf ➏ Sugar and Salt ( add to taste)


煎面粉糕做法 Mihoon Kuih

When i was a wimp kid, my mom used to cook this Mihoon Kuih for me.😋 Haven’t been back to my hometown for quite a while now. Miss my mom's cook badly. Sharing with you guys this Old Fashion Asian Style Pancake recipe. 😃


➊ Anchor Salted Butter 🧈 Get it here 👉 https://shp.ee/sarhc7v

➋ Low Protein Flour : 100g 

➌ Sugar : 4-5 Spoon ( For less sweet, you can reduce the sugar)

➍ Water - 100-120ml ( For make the kuih more thiner, add more water)


牛油饼干 3 Ingredients Butter Cookies 🍪🍪🍪

My kid and i were having a precious parenting baking moment with @anchordairymy . 👩‍🍳 We love the fresh aroma of the butter. The butter is rich and creamy in texture. 🧈 My kid finished the butter cookies in a day. 😋 I would love to share with some of you guys here 3 ingredients butter cookies recipe. Try out this recipe during weekend with your little one 🧒

➊ Anchor Unsalted Butter : 170g | Get it here 👉 https://shp.ee/sarhc7v 

➋ Caster sugar : 100g 

➌ Low Protein Flour : 240g



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