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Sponsor A Child

She looks cute, girly ..
She has long curly hair and tied with pink ribbon
I guess she likes pink color
and her name is pink too
Pink is my sponsor child of world vision

Pink is staying in a small village at Northeastern Thailland
A village that faced poverty 
The villagers monthly income is only RM120

I started to sponsor her with a little amount of RM65/month since last year 
A month after i registered to be a child sponsor through World Vision
I received a photo and background of Pink
A few month ago, Pink drew a drawing for me

In the drawing, she looks cheerful
She is standing beside the big red sunflower
For me, she is just like a sunflower
Down to the last seed, from depending on the sun
Blossoming in warmth,
always finding the brighter side
I hope she can grow tall and stay strong
like the sunflower

YOU can be a beacon of hope to child poverty too
Some of them have experienced a lot of hunger
They can't play
because they lost all their energy

Giving a hand to who are in need is a kind of love spreading
So, Would You ?

I am writing to recommend World Vision as one of the non-profitable charitable organisations.
I do not receive any revenues from World Vision for recommend it.
I write because I BELIEVE
As per World Vision's vision
We BELIEVE in change, we KNOW change is possible, we have SEEN the change.
Believing is seeing 

for inquiry please go to : www.worldvision.com.my


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