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DC TO AC Inverter

Last month, Papa Ee asking opinion from me about portable DC to AC Inverter.
I asked back :" This is yours wants or needs?"
and he feedback:"Both".....

In fact, i understood the needs of Papa Ee. He needed the DC to AC Inverter to charge his laptop, and smartphone during works at the construction site. Besides, Pape Ee also mentioned that the inverter also a "needs" for little Jun Ee due to little Jun Ee likes to play PSP in the car. and his's PSP always run out of battery. At last, i concluded that Wants or Needs is depend on us how to define. 

Finally, Papa Ee bought a China brand DC to AC inverter.
It's inverts  DC 12V to AC 220V and it cost about RM105.
At first, i not dare to handle by hand.
I am worry about sudden explosion if i connect the inverter to the 12DV connector in the car.
Thanks god. It doesn't happen...

Currently, we are using the inverter to charge handphone, laptop and PSP.
I think it is quite useful for those who always travelling like us.
Pape Ee suggested to buy a 1000W inverter so that we are able to cook during picnic or long journey. 


  1. May i know where u buy it? I m at perak.i hope to buy it for my van.

  2. I bought it from KL. Anyway, it is China branded. I think any electrical shop will sell this stuff.


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