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2018年2月22日 星期四

【THYMOS】防手足口病/H1N1 流感的新产品 Anti HFMD/FLU Spray

不懂你有没有发现,很多孩子一开始上课就会较容易生病。5年前,我经历这个介段。儿子春意小时候,我总是很怕他被传染到手足口症之类型的病症。手足口症是一种易转染的幼儿病症。一旦被转染,孩子和父母一样幸苦。(2012年,儿子春意染上手足口症博文 ,请点这里如今,小天也开始到幼儿班上课了。我的顾虑又回来了。

2018年2月21日 星期三

【11street】 The Love- O-Meter Quiz

In the first twist of fate of 2018, couples agonised as the ever-anticipated Valentine’s Day coincided with Chinese New Year preparations – causing plans to derail, be pushed forward and time to run out. This may be a blessing in disguise as the opportunity to plan for the most romantic getaway or dinner presents itself through Chinese Valentine’s Day – Chap Goh Meh!

2018年2月15日 星期四


Watsons ELITE members, celebrities and members of the media and blogger community were treated to a special preview screening today, one week ahead of the release date of the latest movie “Think Big Big”, produced by Astro Shaw and directed by Chiu Keng Guan of “The Journey” and “Olabola” fame. Director Chiu Keng Guan and the casts of “Think Big Big” were present to support the special preview screening in-line with Watsons collaboration with the movie as the health and beauty retail brand celebrates the #HappyBeautifulYear Chinese New Year campaign. Cast members Serene Lim, Fabian Loo, Vivienne Oon, Yoong Swen Moon, Ruby Yap, Joanne Lau, Kam Hoe Kei, Billie Chong, Chew Swee Lee and director Chiu Keng Guan also participated in a chit chat session before the movie premiered, sharing their experiences about making the movie and the storyline that is so relevant in today’s society of self-validation especially among the millennials.

2018年2月14日 星期三

【Watsons】The Ultimate Skincare Solution to Younger and Healthier-Looking Skin

Committing to a healthy skin care regime is an important component to combat ageing skin. Believe it or not, the first signs of ageing can become apparent at the ripe age of 21. How skin ages will depend on a variety of factors from one’s lifestyle and diet to skin care habits.

But let’s face facts – quality skin care products can be costly with some doing more damage than good because of the harsh chemicals it contains. With some a populated skin care market, it becomes a struggle looking for skin care products that are ultra-gentle and effectively cleans the skin without damaging it. Wouldn’t it be ideal if there were instead a skincare line that could deliver effective results, giving women everywhere the flawless and youthful complexion and at a more affordable price? Well guess what – there is! 

Introducing the latest luxury skin care range made affordable – Target Pro by Watsons Essential Range – a targeted skincare range consisting of multifunctional beauty products to satisfy specific skin conditions. Originating from Japan, the products are scientifically and dermatologically formulated with only the safest skin care ingredients, treating particular problem areas but also strengthens the skin’s barrier to reveal one’s timeless beauty.

With skin acting as the first line of defence against external aggressors, its constant exposure to elements such as UV rays, pollution and stress can weaken the skin barrier. This results in a weakened skin barrier, which leads to various skin sensitivities such as dry skin and visible redness. In view of this, the Target Pro by Watsons Essential Range has been carefully developed to combat and improve the skin barrier, resulting in long-term youthful and strong skin.

The superstars of this skincare range are its two key ingredients - Diamond Sirt and Ceramide. Diamond Sirt acts as an essential DNA protector that prevents skin cell damage and delays the process of skin cell degeneration. This means younger looking skin for a longer period of time.

Unknown to many, Ceramide is an essential moisturising ingredient found naturally in skin. Interestingly enough, the lack of Ceramide is often the main cause for sensitive skin. Fortunately, this new skincare range includes this powerful ingredient to replenish and lock in moisture while simultaneously boosting the skin’s natural barrier function, protecting it from dryness and external irritation, ensuring that the skin is constantly moisturised and healthy.

“With the changing weather extremities in today’s world, taking care of one’s skin becomes that much more important. The Target Pro by Watsons Essentials Range is the perfect solution for those seeking to boost the skin’s defence system and improve skin elasticity. This is all in efforts of achieving outstanding, age-defying results,” said Professor Kawashima Makoto, Professor and Chairman of Dermatology of Tokyo Women’s Medical University and is an endorser of the skincare range.

Target Pro by Watsons Essential Range offers a select number of products such as a hot cleansing gel, toner, daily moisturizer and night cream.

All Target Pro by Watsons Essential Range products are dermatologically tested and guaranteed to be alcohol-free, paraben-free and fragrance-free.

The products are affordably priced between RM59.90 to RM79.90. The range will be exclusively available online and instore at Watsons outlets nationwide from 4 January 2018 onwards.

For more information, log onto Watsons website at 

For more up-to-date information, follow Watsons on:

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【Wang with Shopee】Pay Day 活动即将驱动

随着农历新年的到来和电子商务的日益普及,东南亚及台湾首屈一指的电商平台Shopee不仅见证了网购数目的增长,其在马来西亚的网购搜索更增加了32%。自从在1月15日推介的 “Wang with Shopee” 活动给予高达90%的折扣以及送出超过100万令吉的奖品后,越来越多的马来西亚人开始转移阵地到Shopee平台购物。 

佛光山东禅寺花灯 2018 Dong Chan Shi Temple


2018年2月12日 星期一

【Jalan Jalan Japan】One City 分店新改造,日本二手物品从RM1 起

Jalan Jalan Japan 在大马一共有两间。续去年逛1 Shamelin 分店后(按此 Jalan Jalan Japan@1Shamelin) ,这一次我们来到位于One City 的分店。据说这里刚刚进行了大改造,让我们更轻松的购买物品。

【Watsons】到A Cut Above Academy 洗头护发过靓年


2018年2月11日 星期日

【Euro Star & CJ WOW SHOP 】点亮 春节的喜悦 ,免费面部,头发和纤体护理 并为每天的第188名购物者提供免费礼品

为了迎接“旺年”的到来,专业美容公司Euro Star Management 向 CJ WOW SHOP的客户送出价值RM1400的治疗配套,让大家可以享受美好春节。

【Mister WPI 2018】2018世界国际名誉先生诞生啦!

续前几个月世界国际名誉小姐诞生后,今次终于轮到世界国际名誉先生出炉咯!2018世界国际名誉先生总决赛在Pullman Hotel, Putrajaya 圆满落幕。对,没错!国际名誉先生就让我们女人让‘养眼’的,潇洒的,帅气的。。。。小鲜肉。有没有让大家很期待呢!